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We are Alaska's premier Custom Taxidermy Studio.



Artistic Vision

Over 23 years of experience working and training with the best taxidermists in the world.

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We strive to create, not only the most realistic mounts available, but truly artistic pieces that capture the experience that you will remember every time you look at your trophy.

We use a rare combination of cutting edge and time tested taxidermy techniques to bring the most realistic visions to life.

Our work


We are a small custom taxidermy studio based in Peters Creek, Alaska.  Grant Gullicks is the owner and master taxidermist.  With over 23 years of experience working and training with the best taxidermists in the world, Grant brings cutting edge techniques together with sharp artistic design to create one of a kind works of art.  We strive to make the most realistic and aesthetically exceptional mounts available anywhere.  

Grant started his career at Animal Artistry during which time he worked on many impressive projects, including many sheep mounts of all species.  This would become his basis for moving to Alaska and starting his own studio.  He wanted to specialize in Alaskan animals, with an emphasis on sheep. 

No better place to be based!

We are a custom studio, as such, no one mount is exactly the same as any other that we produce.  The only limitation on poses is our customers imagination! 

In order to ensure the highest degree of craftsmanship we only accept premium, well cared for trophies.  We also have a limited number of projects that we accept each year.  This allows us to create competition quality, custom pieces, as well as being able to devote the time needed to do each project correctly.

Bison 1
Musk Ox 1
IMG_4745 copy
Jones Sheep 4
Fox 1
bear background
Caribou side
1Whitetail chewing side

Contact Us

We are conveniently locate in Peters Creek, just 5 minutes from Birchwood Airport and 30 minutes from Lake Hood.

Tel: (907) 854-9453


Hours may vary.  Please call before stopping by.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday:    Closed

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Wild Reflections LLC 

Terms of Service

Disclaimer:  Wild Reflections LLC. takes great pride in our work and seeks to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Each piece is a custom work of art and will be distinctly unique.  No two pieces will be exactly the same.


All work performed by Wild Reflections LLC. and anyone affiliated with Wild Reflections LLC. is done at the customer’s risk.  Every trophy is extremely important to Wild Reflections LLC. and will be treated with the utmost care.  Due to the organic makeup of the mediums and specimens used in the taxidermy process, Wild Reflections LLC. and its affiliates cannot and do not guarantee any specimens against damage or total loss.  Wild Reflections LLC. is not responsible for any item lost or damaged during the taxidermy process, including, but not limited to, tanning, bleaching, beetle cleaning, aging, or remounting.  Wild Reflections LLC. is not responsible for any lost or damaged items as a result of fire, theft, shipping, or acts of god. 


No work will begin until the customer makes a minimum deposit of 50%. All prices listed on this invoice are estimates subject to change.  Customers will receive notification upon the completion of their project.  All work must be paid for in full before it is allowed to leave the Wild Reflections LLC. studio.  Any mounts that are not claimed and paid for within 30 days of notification of completion will be charged a $2.50 per day storage fee. In accordance with Alaska statute we will file with the state to sell any mount left unclaimed or with a balance due 6 months after notification of completion.


By leaving your trophy in the care of Wild Reflections LLC. you (the client) agree to the above terms of service.  You (the client) also state that the animal was taken in compliance with all state and federal laws.  Wild Reflections LLC. accepts no responsibility for the legality of animals listed on this invoice.  It is dependent on the customer to ensure that all necessary steps have been followed to obey the law.

Terms of Service
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